Pooh Beer back on tap! Happy Anniversary LSBC!

Pooh Beer is finally back on tap at the brewery. It is every bit as smooth as usual, so get in to get some as soon as you can. There are a few other beers now available in the tasting rooms, so get in and try them all now – some will go quick; like Pingo Pango – a Belgian Golden made with pineapple and mango. A bigger beer, but very refreshing, and just a touch of fruit to make you think of island living. Pingo Pango is part of the Brewers Series.
Also, it is with great pleasure I get to announce our 8th anniversary tomorrow. We usually have a special beer made each year to commemorate this momentous event. This year we reserved a fan favorite for the occasion. Please welcome back to the taps Aftershocker, our second sour beer aged in a red wine barrel for just enough time to make you pucker. This is extremely limited reserve and will go very quick because of my own love for it. Sorry, beat me to it!

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