Happy birthday to us!

It was only four years ago when we first opened to serve great crafted beer to the people of Plymouth and beyond. Today is the actual anniversary date of our opening, and things are going well. We started out with a brief distribution of bottled product this year, and are in production plans to continue . . . → Read More: Happy birthday to us!

Barbers Garden IPA release tomorrow!


This years batch of Barbers Garden IPA is finally here! Just as every other brewery out there releases their harvest IPA, we step up to the table with our popular version. We only make one batch per year due to the availability of hops that are grown right in our own back yard – . . . → Read More: Barbers Garden IPA release tomorrow!

Glutenous Minimus is now on tap.

We finally got our gluten free beer back at the tasting room, and we hope to keep it around a lot more often than usual. Please come by and try it, especially if you must maintain a gluten free diet. Also, stay tuned here for more information on our upcoming beers for December – with . . . → Read More: Glutenous Minimus is now on tap.

Attention sports fans!

Liberty Street beer is now on tap at Ford Field, home of your 4-5 Detroit Lions. If you happen to score tickets to the home games this year, you may be surprised to find Michigan craft beer available in the main concourse, but I assure you it is no mirage. We’re all the way . . . → Read More: Attention sports fans!

C Monster release for Halloween

But don’t lock your doors or bar your windows, let this monster of a beer in. One of our more popular specialty beers is this double IPA weighing in at 9.5% abv. Loaded with more hop character than usual with the use of a new blend of the “C” hops – the aroma is very . . . → Read More: C Monster release for Halloween

Octoberfest release today!

Our Octoberfest style beer turned out great this year. After lagering for several months it has eased into an amazing malty beer that closely reflects the expected characteristics for the style. This beer will not last long at all, so make sure you get some at the tasting room, at 5ive Restaurant, or at the . . . → Read More: Octoberfest release today!

Octoberfest this week, and much more.

That’s right, we are finally releasing our Octoberfest style beer this Wednesday at 3:00 pm when we open. Come in and try it at the tasting rooms, or join us that evening at The Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth for Octoberfest Beer Dinner with a five course meal prepared by Executive Chef Jason Stoops . . . → Read More: Octoberfest this week, and much more.

The Four Porters – one day only!!!!!

In case you haven’t heard, Punkin’ Pie Ale is now available in growlers. There is also a lot going out into distribution throughout the state, so look for it at better beer bars and restaurants. Remember our award winning Liberty One Porter? Well, it’s coming back – and it’s bringing some friends. This week Wednesday . . . → Read More: The Four Porters – one day only!!!!!

Punkin’ Pie going strong!

This year we expect Punkin’ Pie Ale to be even more popular than ever. We’ve already received an order from our distributor that will be difficult to fill. And of course, we need to be sure there will always be plenty in the tasting room for our guests. This brings about a bit of a . . . → Read More: Punkin’ Pie going strong!

Punkin’ Pie Ale release this week!

This Wednesday the 22nd, we will release the first batch of Punkin’ Pie Ale in the tasting room. If you happen to notice that the beer list is a little empty, you can blame this beer. The Punkin’ Pie Ale has gained so much popularity that it has been ordered by our distributor for statewide . . . → Read More: Punkin’ Pie Ale release this week!