Two ‘new’ beers on tap now

So one of the two new beers is really our regular Starkweather Stout recipe, only we decided to nitrogenate it instead of carbonating it. This is a process, made famous by a popular Irish stout, that can be used for almost any style of beer. We used our stout which is a bit more robust . . . → Read More: Two ‘new’ beers on tap now

Introducing the Snarler

In an attempt to satisfy everyone, we are introducing a new product available at the brewery only. Known by other names, the ‘Snarler’ is half of a growler capacity (half a growl is a snarl…), and made of amber colored recyclable PET plastic. This package offers many advantages to the glass growler; less volume . . . → Read More: Introducing the Snarler

Back on the bottle yet?

If you regularly peruse the aisles at the better beer stores, you may have noticed that Red Glare and Steamy Windows are back in bottles! Not to be left out, The American IPA and Starkweather Stout will also soon be bottled and joining the others on the shelves. If you go to your store (bars . . . → Read More: Back on the bottle yet?

Resinator Dopplebock released today

Finally our Resinator Dopplebock will be released today at the brewery. After lagering this beer for several weeks, it is finally ready for the masses.

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This beer is made from a normal recipe but has an added layer to it with toasted hemp seeds being introduced in the . . . → Read More: Resinator Dopplebock released today

Where to find the most refreshing beer…

If the fact that Summer jumped right in without giving spring a chance is too hot for you to handle, get a refreshing Clementine Lemon Thyme today. We’ve had CLT on tap in the tasting room for a couple of weeks now, and it is finally available in better beer bars/restaurants. If you can’t make . . . → Read More: Where to find the most refreshing beer…

Liberty Street Beer wins awards at The World Expo of Beer

Leading the bunch, a surprising silver medal goes to Glutenous Minimus in the specialty beer category. This is a beer brewed with no gluten so that all may enjoy it. The specialty beer category had 34 entries, making it one of the toughest categories to be recognized in.

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Two of . . . → Read More: Liberty Street Beer wins awards at The World Expo of Beer

A Double Dose of Double IPA’s

We released this years batch of Siamese Dream yesterday in the tasting rooms, and then this Saturday will be the annual release of 42nd Parallel. We plan to bottle some of this, to be sold for carry out. This is an extremely limited batch, and will run out quite rapidly, so be sure to get . . . → Read More: A Double Dose of Double IPA’s

You asked for wheat… on tap this Wednesday.

So, that’s what you’re gonna get! We are always asked for a wheat beer from guests that frequent the tasting room, here’s one that won’t disappoint. In preparation of our seasonal spiced wheat beer; Clementine Lemon Thyme, we made a wheat beer that is just straight forward without distractions. Unlike our regular wheat named Amber . . . → Read More: You asked for wheat… on tap this Wednesday.

Red Velvet on tap today

Looking for a place to take your sweety tonight? Come to Liberty Street Brewing for this years special Valentine’s beer. We take our regular Red Glare Recipe and add chocolate for a rich flavor that is much like Red Velvet cake. This is a very small batch, and will probably only be available today, so . . . → Read More: Red Velvet on tap today

8 Ball IPA on tap now

With apologies to the beer style purists and English Majors everywhere, we introduce our version of the controversial Black IPA style (literally, black and pale in the same name?!). 8 Ball IPA was originally named for the trivia game hosted here by Motor City Trivia years ago – it’s return has been a popular request . . . → Read More: 8 Ball IPA on tap now