The end is near – enjoy Doom & Gloom at Liberty Street

Not that I personally believe the apocalyptic prophecy, but it’s better to be safe, than sorry. That’s why we’re going to release Doom & Gloom on Wednesday instead of Friday (in case the end happens early in the morning). These beers were made almost two years ago, and if I’m wrong about the 21st, then at least you can say that you got to try them.
Of course, if I’m right about Friday not being the end of the world, then I hope to see you soon in the tasting room so we may wish you a Merry Christmas.

And while you’re here. you may as well have a beer or two… and check out our new merchandise available in time for gift giving.

Happy birthday to us!

It was only four years ago when we first opened to serve great crafted beer to the people of Plymouth and beyond. Today is the actual anniversary date of our opening, and things are going well. We started out with a brief distribution of bottled product this year, and are in production plans to continue this coming year as well. By the end of 2013 we expect to be in full distribution throughout the entire state of Michigan, both in bottles and on draft at better beer bars and restaurants.
We’ve done a lot of things right, so far… we’ve done a couple of things wrong too. We definitely appreciate all of the support we’ve received from everyone, and we know well enough that it is because of you all that we are still going strong. We ask that you continue your support of Michigan craft beer, and Liberty Street beer in particular. Help us grow our brand throughout the state by asking for our beer wherever you go. Thank you.

Barbers Garden IPA release tomorrow!

This years batch of Barbers Garden IPA is finally here! Just as every other brewery out there releases their harvest IPA, we step up to the table with our popular version. We only make one batch per year due to the availability of hops that are grown right in our own back yard – or at least the barber shop next door to us.
On Wednesday December 12th, Emperor Norton Imperial Stout will be available in the tasting room. This 9.3% ale was just described as ‘chocolate cotton candy’ when tasted during transfer today. This will be considered as our (late) celebratory ale for this years anniversary of LSBC – four glorious years of Liberty Street beer for those of us that have been around since the beginning.
And then as an advance notice for those that like to be prepared (for the end of the world), we have a special dual release to celebrate the apocalypse. Doom & Gloom will only be available for a short time, starting on Wednesday the 19th. Doom is a barley wine weighing in at just over 12%, and Gloom is a wheat wine that is a mere 11% abv. Try them both… while you can.

Glutenous Minimus is now on tap.

We finally got our gluten free beer back at the tasting room, and we hope to keep it around a lot more often than usual. Please come by and try it, especially if you must maintain a gluten free diet.
Also, stay tuned here for more information on our upcoming beers for December – with a special release to celebrate the Doom & Gloom associated with 12-21-12.

Attention sports fans!

Liberty Street beer is now on tap at Ford Field, home of your 4-5 Detroit Lions. If you happen to score tickets to the home games this year, you may be surprised to find Michigan craft beer available in the main concourse, but I assure you it is no mirage. We’re all the way on the visitors side, but for just 50 cents more to get a fresh, crafted and locally produced beer instead of the regular stuff – well, let’s just say that’s a no brainer. Jim and I will be at the game this weekend against the Packers to promote our industry and our beer, so if you’re there, we expect to see you.

C Monster release for Halloween

But don’t lock your doors or bar your windows, let this monster of a beer in. One of our more popular specialty beers is this double IPA weighing in at 9.5% abv. Loaded with more hop character than usual with the use of a new blend of the “C” hops – the aroma is very pungent, and the citrusy notes come through strong in the flavor. This batch will not be available in growlers until November 7th.

This Saturday morning at 9 am, join us as we host the Sons of Liberty Homebrew Club at the brewery loading dock for Learn to Homebrew Day. Jim and I will be working on small batches along side members of the club and others interested in homebrewing. Come along and join us for this fun event with brewing demonstrations at all levels of difficulty and experience.

Octoberfest release today!

Our Octoberfest style beer turned out great this year. After lagering for several months it has eased into an amazing malty beer that closely reflects the expected characteristics for the style. This beer will not last long at all, so make sure you get some at the tasting room, at 5ive Restaurant, or at the Fall Beer Festival in Detroit.

Octoberfest this week, and much more.

That’s right, we are finally releasing our Octoberfest style beer this Wednesday at 3:00 pm when we open. Come in and try it at the tasting rooms, or join us that evening at The Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth for Octoberfest Beer Dinner with a five course meal prepared by Executive Chef Jason Stoops at 5ive Restaurant, and Liberty Street beer. Chef Jason and I will walk you through the beer pairings in each course for what should be a very entertaining event.
We just received a small amount of tickets for Fall Beer Festival in Detroit next month at Eastern Market – get your ticket before we are sold out.
Then go out to Farmington this weekend for Harvest Moon Festival and enjoy Liberty Street beer at a great event with excellent entertainment.

The Four Porters – one day only!!!!!

In case you haven’t heard, Punkin’ Pie Ale is now available in growlers. There is also a lot going out into distribution throughout the state, so look for it at better beer bars and restaurants.
Remember our award winning Liberty One Porter? Well, it’s coming back – and it’s bringing some friends. This week Wednesday on the 12th, we will release a fresh batch of Liberty One in the tasting room. And then on Wednesday the 19th (next week), we will have a very special sampler tray available until it runs out. The four samples in this flight are a one year old Liberty One Porter, a two year old soured Liberty One, a two year old Tart Cherry Porter, and a three year old Oak Aged Tart Cherry Porter. There is only a couple gallons of each left, so if you are a fan of sour beers, and particularly Tart Cherry Porter, you will need to plan a visit that day.

Punkin’ Pie going strong!

This year we expect Punkin’ Pie Ale to be even more popular than ever. We’ve already received an order from our distributor that will be difficult to fill. And of course, we need to be sure there will always be plenty in the tasting room for our guests. This brings about a bit of a problem, though. We are making so much Punkin’ Pie that we are forced to back off production of favorites that are usually brewed at this time of year.
Don’t fear, we do have our Octoberfest beer lagering for a late September (26th?) release, and we are going to do everything we can to keep our regular selection on tap, but some of the specialty beers that we would normally have brewed now are going to have to wait.
Unfortunately, Pub House Brown is going to leave the regular list in favor of the much requested Liberty One Porter. This is our (other) award winner, and has been asked for so much, that we feel it belongs on the regular list. Please feel free to let us know what you think – most feedback so far is positive to this change.