Punkin’ Pie going strong!

This year we expect Punkin’ Pie Ale to be even more popular than ever. We’ve already received an order from our distributor that will be difficult to fill. And of course, we need to be sure there will always be plenty in the tasting room for our guests. This brings about a bit of a problem, though. We are making so much Punkin’ Pie that we are forced to back off production of favorites that are usually brewed at this time of year.
Don’t fear, we do have our Octoberfest beer lagering for a late September (26th?) release, and we are going to do everything we can to keep our regular selection on tap, but some of the specialty beers that we would normally have brewed now are going to have to wait.
Unfortunately, Pub House Brown is going to leave the regular list in favor of the much requested Liberty One Porter. This is our (other) award winner, and has been asked for so much, that we feel it belongs on the regular list. Please feel free to let us know what you think – most feedback so far is positive to this change.

Punkin’ Pie Ale release this week!

This Wednesday the 22nd, we will release the first batch of Punkin’ Pie Ale in the tasting room. If you happen to notice that the beer list is a little empty, you can blame this beer. The Punkin’ Pie Ale has gained so much popularity that it has been ordered by our distributor for statewide distribution – this has decreased our production of the regular beers, so they may be missing from the list on occasion. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this is how the industry works for most breweries until expansion can ease production bottlenecks.
Speaking of… I have been informed that we will have bottles available soon (finally!). I will keep you posted here and on Facebook for further details.

Tap Takeover, Punkin Pie, and Beerfest transportation!

This Thursday at The Lake Street Tavern in South Lyon we will take over all eight of their taps. Can’t wait until then? Go now and enjoy our popular Starkweather Stout featured on nitrogen pour in advance of the official takeover on Thursday. That’s right! Starkweather Stout on NITRO! On Thursday starting at noon we will add the remaining seven beers; Red Glare Amber Ale, Steamy Windows, The American IPA, Pub House Brown, 42nd Parallel, Clementine Lemon Thyme and Berry Vanilla Stout.
Punkin’ Pie Ale is slated for release in the tasting rooms on Wednesday the 22nd at 3:00 when we open. We have been brewing for this release including several additional batches for distribution at bars and restaurants in Michigan. This will, unfortunately, reduce availability of most specialty batch brewing for some time, and may even affect some of the regulars.
We have also entered into an agreement with Motor City Beer Tours to make Fall Beer Festival transportation available from our tasting rooms. It will sell out, so reserve your spot today: http://fallbeerfestivalbus2012.eventbrite.com/

Pooh Beer on tap

Pooh Beer is now on tap in the tasting room, and is a limited release,so come by and try it soon.
Also, don’t miss out on this year’s Old Village Grub Crawl. This Wednesday, the restaurants (and brewery) in Plymouth’s Old Village will host the first 400 people in a grub crawl of epic proportions. For just $15 you not only get a four beer sampler from Liberty Street Brewing, but you also get food samplings from other restaurants around us. When I say samplings, I don’t mean small portions.

Old favorites back on tap this week!

The return of 42nd Parallel to the taps along with Berry Vanilla Stout is finally here. Small batches of each are available now in the tasting room until they run out. Sorry, no growlers.
Also returning is our favorite soul singer from Detroit – Sista Otis plays again this Friday in the Upper Hall, and it will be a blast for sure. Her energy gets the entire room going.

Mid year news and events – Enjoy Liberty on the 4th!!!

This summer is starting out a bit balmy for most peoples liking, and we have certainly felt pressures here because of it. Our cooling unit for the cold room had failed and needed to be replaced, and our system for chilling the beer lines is finally (nearly) perfected. Even the air conditioning in the tasting room is working more efficiently now, so come in and get a cold one or two.
Even if you want it ‘to go’, we can take care of you. We are even opening early this Wednesday to accommodate the grillers out there with discounted growler refills. Come by as early as 1pm and get your growlers filled with your favorite beverage, and enjoy ‘Liberty’ on the 4th of July!

We have a couple of great shows coming this summer in the Upper Hall, with the return of Sista Otis on July 20th. The brand new Sista Otis CD, “Rare and Unreleased” with studio and live tracks never before released by Sista Otis is a must have for all you Sista Otis fans. These, never before heard, deep singer/songwriter cuts will complete your CD collection and the best part is that these songs do not appear on any previous CD’s.
And then, we welcome These Guys These Guys on August 3rd. These Guys These Guys is an instrumental post-rock group from Chicago, IL. Combining soft, ambient moods with elements of jazz, hardcore and progressive rock, TGTG escapes the confines of traditional categorization. And as though that wasn’t enough, as a very special guest to open that show, we are proud to welcome Plymouth native – Angela Marie.
We still have plenty of tickets left for the Summer Beer Festival, but they are going soon – don’t miss out.
On the Saturday evening after the beer festival, join Liberty Street at The Wurst Bar in Ypsilanti for a Liberty Tap Takeover! Starting at 6pm, we will be on all 6 of the taps at The Wurst, and you can bet that we will bring something special.

More Patriotic Beer from Liberty Street

Join us Wednesday June 6th as we remember the 68th anniversary of D-Day. To show our patriotism, we have a few special beers to be released that day. Though not actually the color as indicated, we let our red, white and blue show.

Red Oak – we started with the original Red Glare Amber Ale, and then aged it on French and American (Allies?) oak for more than two months. It is a welcome refresher for anyone this summer.

“White” G-Free – brewed with White sorghum and agave extracts, raspberry blossom honey and cinnamon sticks, this ale is a sweet take on gluten free beer.

“Blue” Berry Vanilla Stout – using plenty of Blueberries, and vanilla, this is a hearty stout that balances with a perfect fruit compliment.

Learn to brew and enjoy Cinco de Mayo with another new beer

That’s right, you too can learn to brew beer in the privacy of your own home. Or do it in public – It’s perfectly legal (thank you Jimmy Carter), except in Alabama.Come to the loading dock in the rear of the brewery this Saturday starting at 9am to see demonstrations of various brewing techniques presented by the Sons of Liberty Homebrew Club. Whether a noobie brewer or self proclaimed expert, you will be able to learn something by watching and asking questions. This event coincides with the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) and the annual Learn to Homebrew Day – we will have hot dogs and snacks for those that want to learn the most rewarding hobby there is.
With expectations of great weather that day, we hope you may pop into the tasting room to enjoy a couple of our more refreshing beers; Clementine Lemon Thyme has been on for a while, and as our spring and summer seasonal, we already know how refreshing it can be on a hot day in

42nd Parallel and Social Bones this Friday!

This years release of 42nd Parallel is finally here. This Friday come to Liberty Street to get a pint of one of our most sought after and talked about double IPA’s. Dry hopping is a technique used to increase hop aroma in a beer… we don’t do it very often, but this is one of the recipes that we do.
And then at 9pm, we welcome back for a very special show; Social Bones, in the Upper Hall! This is a free show and will be well attended, get there early to be sure to get a seat.

Clementine Lemon Thyme to be released this Wednesday.

That’s right, CLT will finally be on tap (Wednesday) in the tasting rooms at Liberty Street. Come on down after 3pm and get a pint or two – you can even enjoy it on the patio.
Also soon to be released, is this years batch of 42nd Parallel – one of our popular dry hopped double IPA’s. Last year we bottled a small amount of this beer, and our intention is to do the same again this year. We are having the label updated with our new artist, so we are even more excited about this release. The date for this release is the same every year – April 20th when we open for business. As an added bonus to this release date, we have booked Social Bones for a triumphant return to the Upper Hall. There is not a better band to help us celebrate this date, so come out and join us for an awesome show with amazing beer.
Speaking of bottling, we are getting all of our materials set up in hopes to have bottles on the shelves in stores near you within the next two months. Follow us on Facebook for more (informal) updates.