Punkin’ Pie Ale on tap now

After a very popular rush on our first batches of Punkin’ Pie, we have finally got it back on tap at the brewery. We will be serving this seasonal beer throughout the fall and winter months, right into February when we switch back to Clementine Lemon Thyme for spring and summer.
Saturday morning, the 5th at 9am, Liberty Street Brewing will host The Sons of Liberty as they present “Learn to Homebrew Day” in the back parking area of the brewery. Several members will be demonstrating brewing techniques ranging from beginner level to advanced brewing. This is a rain or shine event, so stop by to see what the homebrewing hobby is all about.
On Sunday November 6, Liberty Street Brewing Company will release a beer brewed in honor of Friends of the Rouge’s 25th anniversary. The release will be part of Friends of the Rouge’s third annual Rouge Brew, a beer tasting led by Rex Halfpenny of the Michigan Beer Guide. The cost is $35 and includes a souvenir pint glass and snacks provided by Papa Romanos in Plymouth. Click here for more information on the event.

More new beer – and Cider back at Liberty!

That’s right, cider is back at Liberty Street Brewing. We just received our small wine makers permit at Liberty, and have hard cider and cherry cider on tap. Wine is soon to follow, and mead will be later to arrive as it takes longer to mature.
I don’t know why, but we still have plenty of tickets for this falls beer festival at Eastern Market in Detroit on the 22nd.

Last year we sold our allotment six weeks before the event, here we are only two weeks away, and we still have more than half of them. I wouldn’t take this as relaxing information though, and if you are planning to go, I would get them now.
Another item not moving as expected is our gluten free beer (G-Free), and it will be put on sale to help move it off of the taps. This is not your typical commercially available gluten free beer… this one tastes great!
We will be in Downtown Plymouth on Sunday for the 16th Annual Chili Cook Off, and this year we have answered the masses with a chili that has a little more heat to it. There will be several restaurants competing for peoples the choice award, so try ours if you dare, and vote for us if you care.

Oktoberfest release and very special entertainment.

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 28th we will release this years version of Liberty Street Oktoberfest when we open for business at 3 pm. This will only last for a short while as it is delicious, and rare. Make sure you make it by to try yours as soon as you can.
A good time to do just that would be this Saturday as we host David Winans of the famous Winans Family of Singers from Detroit. This is arguably our biggest show at Liberty Street, so be sure to get here early for a seat.
We still have some of the G-Free left, so those with gluten free diets might want to try this small batch beer before it is gone.

Punkin’ Pie Ale is on tap now.

You’ve waited long enough, and we’ve finally brought back our fall/winter seasonal. Punkin’ Pie Ale was just tapped in the tasting rooms, and early reviews are that it is just as delicious as ever. This light amber style ale is spiced with a special blend of spices that make this beer easy to drink. We plan to have this beer on tap throughout the winter until Clementine Lemon Thyme comes back in the spring.
Speaking of Clementine Lemon Thyme… if you want to get one last taste before it is all gone, join us at the DIY Festival in Ferndale September 16th through the 18th where the last of CLT will be poured.
This Thursday the 15th, we host “Backstage Pass” at 7 pm. There will be three members of the brass section being interviewed by the moderator and accepting questions from the audience as well. There is usually a short performance to be enjoyed at the end too, so this is really a fun event… and free.
There has been a rumor going around about our wine license progress, and I would like to take use forum to confirm. We have recently received our approval from the city which, in combination with approvals from the state and federal governments, can now be presented back to the state for licensing. This means that we are in our final leg of this race, and that licensing should be very soon. No date yet, because the state still has plenty of work to do to before licensing us, but we are hopeful to have our cider back immediately.

8 Ball IPA and Trivia tonight!

Come to Liberty Street tonight from 7-9 and enjoy free live trivia while tasting our freshest offering in the style of “Cascadian Dark Ale”. We like to call it a Black IPA, and you will too when you notice that, regardless of color, there is absolutely no roasted or chocolate character normally associated with such dark beers.

Hop aromas waft up from the dark foam, and nothing but citrusy bitterness on your tongue ending with a clean aftertaste. This is the first large batch of this recipe that was formulated two years ago for Motor City Trivia in recognition of their game called 8 Ball. Come early and get one while happy hour pricing is still on, and receive 10% off everything while playing trivia in the Upper Hall.
While you play trivia, you can get a sneak preview of our upcoming art show before the Friday night opening at 7pm.

Summer news from Liberty Street

Tomorrow in Howell, you can join me at The Shark Club for the 1st Semi-Annual “Weird Michigan” Beer and Food Exhibition. Celebrate all that is weird, strange, unique and wonderfully Michigan. We will be featuring the most unique beer this state has to offer as well as its quintessential foods. Join us for Beer, Food and Trivia centered around weird Michigan facts and brewery facts. Featuring Liberty Street’s own Clementine Lemon Thyme, and a number of other beers from Michigan breweries.
The summer beer festival was a huge success for us this past weekend – we even had to steal back one of our own kegs from the VIP tent. We look forward to participating in this years Howell Melon Festival (craft beer tent) on August 19-21, and with the U.P. Beer Festival coming up, stay tuned for ticket info.
On August 25th at 7pm, the Plymouth District Library & Liberty Street Brewing Co. are proud to present another meeting of Books on Tap – a bimonthly book club meeting where you can talk books, socialize, and kick back with a cold one. This month the book on tap is “Wonder Boys” by Michael Chabon. You can pick up a copy anytime at the library checkout desk.
Entertainment is much more of a big deal at LSBC now, so make it out to support local artists: The Forty Twos on Saturday August 6th, and Four Block Empire on Saturday August 20th. Both shows start at 9pm – no cover.
Last, but not least, we have been lucky to have local artists share their work with all of us on the walls of the Upper Hall. After some wall repair, we will have new art featuring local artists work on August 12th. There will be an artists reception at 7pm, so meet the people behind the creations.

Last chance for tickets, beer release and other events

That’s right, tickets for the summer beer festival are running low at LSBC, so get in quick to buy yours. You may still be able to get them online after we run out, but there will be a service charge.
On Monday, the Fourth of July, we will be open with normal business hours. In celebration of the birthday of our country, we are releasing a very special beer. tilting the alcohol scales at 11%. The original was an eccentric fellow that at one point, proclaimed himself as the first Emperor of these United States. He must have had a few beers like this based on his actions.
On Saturday the 9th, we will have a return performance from Michael May and the Messarounds. This rock band is as good as it gets, and they will be playing from 9pm until midnight. This same weekend is Plymouth’s Art in the Park in the Downtown area. We will have art featured again from local artist, Hal Loo. And Hal will be on hand to perform demonstrations of his work with airbrush art and to answer any questions about his work.

Beerfest tickets going fast and bands this weekend

If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet for this years Summer Beer Festival, you might want to act quick.

They are available online (with an additional service charge) or in our tasting room for cash only. They will be gone very soon, so don’t be left out on this highly acclaimed event.
Also, this weekend we have entertainment on both nights. This will be a rarity as we convert to original music only for entertainment. Our plan is to feature original artists performing their original music only. This is due to licensing requirements, and we want to comply. On Friday night we have The Delta Twins doing the blues that they have become known for, and on Saturday the return of Social Bones supporting the release of their new album

    Breaking the Sky


Summer beer fest tickets now on sale at LSBC

We just received our allotment of tickets for the Summer Beer Festival. We only got 100 tickets for each day, so you’ll want to get them as soon as you can because they won’t last. They are also available online at Michigan Brewers Guild.
Liberty One will be released tomorrow and it is another small batch, so get some while it lasts. Sorry, no growlers on this beer, but all Mug Club and happy hour discounts will apply.
Next week Tuesday night, our beer will be featured at Cinco Lagos in downtown Milford. Five beers will be paired with the incredible, authentic Mexican food that Cinco Lagos is known for. Call Cinco Lagos for more details, or follow our Facebook page for more details.
This weekend you can enjoy some terrific live entertainment as we welcome back The Northern Skies on Friday night, and The Terry Murphy Band on Saturday night. Both bands have played here before, and have been highly acclaimed by those that have witnessed it.
Get the entertainment while it lasts!!! We have been approached by an organization that is (legally) allowed to charge us for live entertainment that performs in our Upper Hall. We have made an educated business decision to discontinue cover band entertainment in the future. What does this mean, we will still be known as Plymouth’s premier location for fresh music with talented musicians, we’ll just be doing a lot less of it. We are reviewing ways to intelligently utilize our Upper Hall space to still sell as much fresh crafted beer as we can. Stay tuned for more to come…

More awards for LSBC, more new beer, and special entertainment!

The results are in for the World Expo of beer and we have come away with a couple more awards this year. Tart Cherry Porter won again in the fruit beer category with a bronze medal, and Clementine Lemon Thyme is a bronze winner in the spice/herb/vegetable category. They are both on tap now in the pub, and the TCP is very limited. There are also only a few bottles of the Oak Aged TCP left for sale at the brewery. This is truly a one-of-a-kind beer, and in the one liter bottle, it is a great beer to share.
Tonight we have trivia (as we do every Tuesday evening), and I have even been allowed to join a team and play. If you think you are smart enough, come down and play for free – you may even win prizes.

We are still offering 10% off your entire bill as you play trivia, so there’s really nothing to lose.
Tomorrow we will release our Black and Blue Blonde Ale – the same great (Liberty Belle) Blonde Ale recipe with heavy additions of fresh blackberries and blueberries. Then, for Cinco de Mayo on Thursday, we will have this years batch of Lime Cerveza. This beer is brewed in the style of a light Mexican lager with lime zest and juice already added so your bottle neck doesn’t get clogged. It goes great with our chips and salsa or with one of our delicious pizzas.
And, this just in… I just added an entertainer for this Saturday night. Plymouth’s Green Street Fair is this weekend, and on Saturday they will feature a live performance from American Idol runner up Crystal Bowersox, and the opening act is another local performer named Sista Otis. After her warm up show downtown, Sista Otis will be gracing the Upper Hall from 7:30 until you’re done listening to her. The ‘Idol’ names Sista Otis as one of her influences and it is obvious when you hear and see her sing. This is a very special booking for us, and coming at such a late notice, we can only hope for the best turnout.
This Saturday is also the annual Old Village garage sales. Walk around town and shop for stuff or come by the brewery and learn about homebrewing. The Sons of Liberty will be brewing different homebrew batches on different styles of systems so that interested people can watch and ask questions of the brewers. It is the mission of the Sons of Liberty Homebrew Club to be evangelists of the homebrew hobby and help educate others about the science and are that is involved in brewing your own beer. The club will start early at around 9am and go until all batches are complete.