Key Lime Gose on tap for the Brewer Series

Another new Brewer Series beer will be available today. The brewers have made a small batch of a Gose style beer, but have added a bit of zest from fresh key limes. You can expect the traditional flavors of this German wheat beer to refresh your palette, plus an additional freshness from the lime zest. Again, this is a small batch, and it will go fast, so get in to get some quick.

New Brewer Series beer on tap today

Come to the brewery today and get some of the newest beer in the Brewer Series; Sacred Laser is a Saison coming in at 6.5% alcohol. It is a refreshing style to be best enjoyed on a hot dry day like the ones we’ve had lately. The Brewer Series is a small batch series headed up by Eddie and Matthew and it really shows their creativity and amazing skills. The last batch ran out in just one day, so be sure to get in and get a try before it is gone.13775752_1259075310777995_8860572264251825462_n

Waves of Grain on tap to help you through this hot weather

Our American style Hefeweizen is back on tap, and just in time to help you through this scorching heat. Waves of Grain has been a summer favorite for many people, and it is certainly easy to see why. Taste the banana and clove character from the yeast and enjoy the refreshing flavor from the wheat malt. This is a low alcohol beer, so you can have a few and still get the chores done. But if you need more distraction from gardening, get in and try a few other lighter styles we have to offer; Eagle Eye Session IPA, Scribble Berliner Weiss, Pub House Brown, and for a very limited time Blabber – a Farmhouse style IPA as the latest in the Brewer Series.

Brewer Series small batch on tap: Slippy (a Saison)

Our new brewers are having a lot of fun with the pilot system these days. On tap now, we have a new beer style for us in Scribble – a Berliner Weiss authentic kettle soured beer. Scribble started out as a test batch in order to try the kettle sour process, and it turned out so good, that we had to make a bigger batch of it. Come and try it with the newest beer to the line up, Slippy. Slippy is a Saison style (often referred to as a farmhouse ale). It is unhopped, but the light bite you’ll feel from the sourness will balance it out into a great summer beer with a lower alcohol content.
And keeping with the lighter beers for the summer, don’t forget to try Pub House Brown. And if grilling and spending time at home is your preference, then take home a growler to enjoy your Liberty in your own home.

Pub House Brown back on tap in time for the hot weather.

My favorite beer in the whole world, and it is just in time to bring us into summer. Pub House Brown is back on tap in the brewery, and it is better than I remember. It will definitely go quick (sorry, you can blame me), so please get in and have some. See why it is my favorite beer and why it was chosen as the topic beer for an international homebrew competition (Brew Bubbas Session Beer Challenge). At around 4%, you can have a couple of them and still mow the lawn or BBQ some meats.
And when considering sessionable beers, don’t look further than Eagle Eye PA to fill that hole in your life. We use Michigan grown hops from Top Hops in Goodrich, and they couldn’t give a more fresh flavor if you were chewing them. Maybe hops or dark beers aren’t your thing – maybe you like sour beers? Well, we have a new one coming soon to tap as we delve into the world of wild fermentation. Though under strict control, I will refer to the bacteria we use as wild. The wort is extracted and boiled, then cooled and inoculated with a pure bacterial strain to begin a souring cycle that lasts for days. We re-boil the wort and introduce a pure yeast strain to complete fermentation. The result is a refreshing Berliner Weiss at 4% abv and enjoyable by itself or with the traditional addition of syrups. This beer is called Scribble, so look for it in a few weeks, and get into it fast because it will probably be distributed so others can enjoy it.
If you haven’t been by the brewery in a while, please come by and see what is new, other than the beers. We have a few new shirts available, and have some new hats, including the ever popular trucker style hats. Check out the new jersey shirts – they are perfect for the hot weather (and don’t show the sweat).

Pooh Beer back on tap!

Yes, Pooh Beer is back on tap, and so is Eagle Eye. We don’t normally make Pooh Beer in the summer, but we had been requested by a few choice bars to make more. Trying to lighten things up a bit, we came out with a honey style lager beer named ‘Swarm Outside. This is a lighter beer at only 7.5% abv, but with the familiar taste of honey that you find in Pooh Beer. The lager finish is as obvious a difference as the color is, and that’s just what you need for the summer. Come in and try both of them to see the difference for yourself.

Eagle Eye PA is back on tap, and ‘Swarm Outside too!

Yes it’s warm outside – finally! So we made a summer lager with honey to be a warmer weather version of our popular Pooh Beer. Try ‘Swarm Outside today and see what a difference it makes to match a clean lager character to the fresh honey taste.
And now that we got the next batch of Eagle Eye ready, you need to know we changed it slightly to bring more aroma and fresh hop flavor to this beer. Always made with Cascade hops from Michigan, now we added Cashmere hops to the dry hop process and it is even better than before. Come get some today, and take some home in a growler to enjoy it while mowing the lawn or queuing up some meats on the grill. No matter what you are doing, you can maintain vigilance after a few of these sessionable IPA’s.


?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Here’s one you’re gonna love – the weather is finally starting to comply, and we bring you a great new beer from Liberty Street Brewing. ‘Swarm Outside is a honey lager brewed with a little wheat and a lot of honey. Coming in at 7.5% abv, this would appear to be a sipper, but after the first taste of the clean lager finish, you’ll empty the glass before you know it. Enjoy some today, but don’t enjoy too many – take home a growler,

The Return of C-Monster at Liberty Street

C-Monster has finally made it back to the taps at Liberty Street Brewing Company – get in now to try it out. Also, don’t forget we have Clementine Lemon Thyme available as well. Today is discount growler fill day too.

CLT on tap today and Steamy Windows wins!

With hopes of better weather coming very soon, we are happy to announce that Clementine Lemon Thyme is now on tap at the brewery. Stop in to get some today with happy hour pricing all day on Mondays. It is available in growlers to take home to enjoy with dinner. The savory aroma and flavors of fresh thyme go great with most mild foods, and the citrus finish cleanses the palette for your next bite or sip.
And with the World Expo of Beer coming up in a couple weeks, we just received results of the beer competition. Congratulations to all that have won awards, and special congratulations to the Liberty Street brew crew for winning bronze with Steamy Windows. It is always good to be recognized for a great beer, but an award like this can really help others to know about us. As always, Steamy Windows is always on tap at the brewery, and there are a few places to get it ontap. If you haven’t had it, get some soon, and you will agree that it deserves some attention.