Clementine Lemon Thyme on tap now

Ok, so it’s finally warm enough to release our summer seasonal Clementine Lemon Thyme. This is our light wheat beer that is brewed with citrus zest and dryhopped with fresh thyme leaves. It is a limited release this year, but will show up across the state. Get to the brewery to try some soon.
Tomorrow is our release of Diva’s Night Out Stout. This is a special batch brewed with the Detroit Draft Divas. Using a recipe not brewed since we first opened, we did the Genius Stout on nitro as the beer for this group. This is another beer that will see limited initial distribution, with hopes of regular placement as a nitro stout alternative.

Pub House Brown back on tap!

The last time we brewed this was more than two years ago. I really missed it, as I consider Pub House Brown to be the ultimate lawnmower beer. Yeah, it is dark – it even has a lot of body and flavor, but at just over 4%, it will keep your lines straighter.
Of course, when we think about mowing the lawn, we can’t forget the return of Clementine Lemon Thyme early next week. This is a limited release this year due to demand for distribution, so be sure to get in on Monday next week, or very soon after.

Chocolate bottles for Mothers and Fathers Day gifts

2014-05-05 08.53.47
Liberty Street Winery (Tom) made a Sherry style of dessert wine and bottled it in 375 mL bottles known as a ‘split’. As a special touch for Mothers Day, we had the bottles dipped in milk chocolate from DeLECKtables Chocolates in Plymouth. They are very nicely decorated in a transparent cellophane bag – a thin black ribbon is pulled to break the chocolate off the bottle which can then be enjoyed with the wine.
For Fathers Day, we did a similar thing, but we used Gold Medal Winner MAJESTY and dipped it in dark chocolate. I can tell you from experience that this is an amazing pairing.

Happy Easter – 42nd Parallel release, and awards!

First, the awards – Liberty Street won more medals this year at The World Expo of Beer commercial competition. Steamy Windows took the gold medal in American Hybrid category, and Majesty took the gold in Smoke/Wood category. But perhaps more impressive is that Exquisite took a silver medal in Regular Mead category – I guess waiting two years to release it was a good idea?
Tomorrow is Easter, it is also April 20th, the day we traditionally release 42nd Parallel. This is a double IPA style that is one of the few recipes that we dry hop. It is a specific strain of hop that is known for it’s aroma.

Twice Baked release today

One of our more popular double IPA recipes will be released today. Twice Baked is made with baked potatoes and toasted hemp seeds, for a nutty character that is just barely noticeable behind the hop bitterness. It is a large batch, so expect growler availability next week.

Top o’ the morning to ye’

Another new beer being released today on St. Patrick’s Day – of course it has to be a stout. Morning Constitutional is our version of a coffee stout, made with chocolate and black malt, this beer already has a nice roast character. Adding the coffee posed no real challenge, but using it properly took experimentation. We ended up doing a cold press with (very) fresh roasted beans from Joe’s Home Java in Livonia. If you happen to be out and about today getting your Irish on, stop in and try this beer before it is gone – it is a small batch and won’t be around long. We open at 3pm today.

Tart Cherry Porter is back at Liberty Street

It’s been a long time coming, and we’ve had to answer a lot of requests, but Tart Cherry Porter is finally back on tap at Liberty Street Brewing Company. When we make this beer, there is a stir around the brewery for several months, and plenty of sleep is lost. It all starts innocent enough with a terrific Robust Porter recipe using a normal ale yeast fermentation – then we introduce a bacteria that infects the beer with specific wild yeast cultures to further ferment and sour the beer. I know what you’re thinking, but it already tastes better than you’d expect – but then we make it even better by blending in just a slight amount of Michigan tart cherries to take the edge off the sour character.
This beer won us our first gold medal in competition, and later won another award on it’s own, plus two additional awards for the base porter recipe. However biased I may be, there are plenty of others that agree, so come and get some if you love sour beers, and at least try it if you don’t.

Majesty available in bottles now

2014-03-04 16.36.27
Majesty is now available in bottles at the brewery. Supplies will not last very long because there is no limit per person for these rare bottles of delicious goodness. For those not familiar, Majesty is our popular Emperor Norton Imperial Stout aged for more than three months in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels. The draft version went extremely fast in the tasting room, and I expect these bottles to disappear fast.

Unseasonably delicious – Punkin’ Pie Ale is back on tap!

That’s right, we brought back Punkin’ Pie Ale for an encore because I love it so much. PPA has been our most requested beer since it’s release more than 5 years ago – and this is the first ‘late season release’. As we anticipate spring, let’s enjoy this lightly spiced ale and look to the promise of better weather.
Also, tomorrow we will have the bottled version of Majesty available in the tasting room. More on that tomorrow.

8 Ball IPA on tap now

The bottom of a table leg in the tasting room at Liberty Street Brewing.

The bottom of a table leg in the tasting room at Liberty Street Brewing.

8 Ball IPA has been on tap for several days – sorry for the late notice, but we’ve been busy with the Winter Beer Festival this past weekend in Grand Rapids. This ‘Black IPA’ (or Cascadian Dark Ale) has a very nice spicy, citrus like hop flavor with a lack of the roast character you would expect when looking at it. It looks like a stout, but drinks like an IPA.