Special case price on Steamy Windows

We have some extra Steamy Windows in cases that we want to put on special to make room for the next batch. It was bottled on July 22nd, so it is very fresh – in case you were wondering what’s wrong with it (nothing). It is perfect beer, and a great fit for the Labor Day weekend, or even tailgating. Get them while they last at only $36 per case, plus tax and deposit (while supplies last). This is cheaper than you will find anywhere else, so get some now, and get some later – there is no limit per person.
Also, don’t forget to come in and get Punkin’ Pie Ale on tap now at the brewery, and at better beer restaurants and bars near you.

Punkin’ Pie Ale now available

Not just at the brewery, but all over the state of Michigan! We have finally been able to release the Punkin’ Pie Ale in full force this year because of our increased production capacity at the new plant in Livonia. Not only can we make more of it, but we now have a logo for the beer, and the label is being printed right now. Of course, that means you can’t get the bottles yet, but in just a couple more weeks we will have them filling the warehouse.2015-08-20 13.46.04

More new beer and something very special coming soon

Well I missed out on telling everybody last week that we released Wheat & Rye ESB, so I didn’t want to repeat my error and forget to tell you we are releasing another new beer today. Waves of Grain finally makes it back to tap as we transition from summer toward fall. Both of these are real easy drinkers and both are wheat beers. The ESB has only a slight amount of wheat, but Waves of Grain is half wheat malt because it is a Hefeweizen. The difference between the two couldn’t be more obvious because of the yeast used too. The ESB is quite smooth with just a slight English hop character, even though the “B” in ESB stands for bitter. And Waves of Grain is just a pleasant beer with banana aromas and a clean aftertaste.
I don’t know if you think it is too early to consider the barrage of pumpkinny beers that are already out there, but get ready for the best. That’s right, Punkin’ Pie Ale is finally making a return very soon. And something a little special this year, we are finally going to have it in bottles. As we’ve tried for years to get the packaging done for this brand so that we could bottle it, we finally have the graphics done, and I think you’ll love it. I’ll keep you posted here for the release date and other info about Punkin’ Pie Ale.

Two new beers today at Liberty Street!

Come in today as we release two new beers – Purple Mountain Porter and Eagle Eye PA.
Eagle Eye PA has been on tap before as our 6th year anniversary beer, but may see a lot more time on the board as session style ales are welcomed more and more. It is a lower alcohol pale ale style that has an enormous amount of hops used for flavor and aroma, allowing only a minor bittering effect.
Purple Mountain Porter is our normal Liberty One Porter but aged for several months in bourbon barrels we use for Majesty. Making the original beer better was not something we thought to be possible, but you should see for yourself while we have both beers on tap for a side-by-side comparison.

C-Monster invades Plymouth tomorrow

Don’t run and hide! There’s nothing to fear, unless excessive hop bitterness scares you. C-Monster is one of our Imperial IPA recipes that is well received by all that try it. We’re not necessarily well known for overly hoppy beers, but this is one that cannot be missed. This beer has a great balance of malt sweetness and medium body, combined with a blend of the “C’ hops.
And if you can’t handle the bitterness as well as others, but you still love the flavors and aromas that hops give to the beer, then you’ll be happy to hear what is being tapped next week. On July 1st we will release Eagle Eye PA which is a clean sessionable ale made with Cascade hops. We use the hops late in the brewing process to accentuate the flavors and aroma and reducing the bitterness extraction.
To all of you that came out to see us at Liberty Fest in Canton, thank you very much! The event was a huge success again this year.

BBQ and beer this weekend at Liberty Street!

BarlowsBarlows is back with us again, bringing sausages and pulled pork cooked with their signature rub and Liberty Street beer. And enjoy one of their amazing sauces to top it off – don’t forget your side of fresh cole slaw and either cheezey potatos or smoked beans.
And remember that you can now get Liberty Street beer in 6 packs directly from the tasting room. Take our beer with you for whatever you have planned. If you can’t make it to the tasting rooms, go to any better beer store in Michigan and ask for it by name.

Clementine Lemon Thyme on tap now

So the weather finally broke, and I think summer is well on it’s way, so what better way to prepare for it than with Clementine Lemon Thyme? It is just as refreshing as you remember it from last year, so grab a pint and take it out to the patio to stay in the sun.
There is also a lot of other rotational beer offerings in the tasting rooms right now – Pooh Beer, 42nd Parallel, Pub House Brown just to name a few. Glutenous Minimus is also on tap again.
And a few repeat points; seasonal beers are available in growlers from the release date instead of one week delay, we now sell our 6 packs in the brewery to-go – 6 packs are eligible for the $2 discount on Sundays and Wednesdays, just like the growlers have always been.

Our beer, in a 6 pack, at the brewery and in stores

We finally have all four of our core brands back on store shelves in 6 packs. We even finally got our logo printed on the bottles caps to dress them up a little. You can even buy 6 packs right at our tasting rooms, and at the same price as a growler, you definitely can’t go wrong. Heck, we’ll even give the growler discount on 6 packs at least through this summer. Yup, that’s $2 off 6 packs on Sundays and Wednesdays, a honey of a deal if I’ve ever heard one. So, get your growlers filled with specialty beers when you want them, grab a sixer or two so your friends can be amazed at your great taste, or even grab a snarler if you happen to be riding your bike (they fit a bicycle bottle carrier). Whatever you do, please keep us as your official beer sponsor, and we will continue to make fresh local beer.

Batch 500 release tomorrow!!!!!! HALF K

Yes, it took us quite a while to get to this milestone brew session, but when we got there, we made a bigger batch of a popular small batch. We’re going to call it “Half K” as it is batch #500 for us on the Liberty Street main brewing system. You can follow the link to the real name, or come in and try it to see what we did different. It’s a bit bigger than the original beer coming in at 5.00% alcohol (because it is batch 500 – see what I did there?).
And in case you don’t follow us on Facebook (the group page, not the company page), we have one of my favorites on tap right now – Punkin’ Pie Ale! Known for being a beer first with just a hint of spice, this lager/ale blended beer is more refreshing than you’d think. There is a lot to go around, but you better believe I’ll be having my share.
And I know I’ve been away for a while, and a flurry of specialty beers have come and gone in the past couple of weeks. With a pending travel schedule of vacations and promotional events coming soon, I better get a little ahead of myself… As usual on April 20th , next Monday, we will release 42nd Parallel Imperial IPA. We plan to bottle this in bombers for distribution and sale from the tasting room as ‘to-go’ product. And then if I don’t mention it soon enough, we will be releasing Pooh Beer Honey Porter – another brand that might make it into bottles, but a portion will almost certainly be aged in our bourbon barrels that we use for Majesty.
And since I am mentioning bottles, we finally have our bottled brands back in the market – and this time for good!! Now that the Livonia production brewery is running, we are almost completely back to where we were when we had to cease production last summer. What this means for you is that you can have our beer with you at home or with friends without having to bring a growler or even the need of a glass (though recommended). So buy Liberty Street beer at your favorite craft beer retailer, or come right to the brewery and buy it at it’s absolute freshest. We are even going to give the Sunday/Wednesday growler discount to the 6 packs at least until we see how they move.

Black beer, not green beer

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and again we don’t have green beer on tap – other than referring to the freshness. As a favorite of many, we are releasing 8 Ball IPA today at the brewery – our version of the Cascadian dark ale style. Our 8 Ball IPA is as black as our stout and porter, but lacks a lot of the chocolate and coffee flavors and aromas that usually go along with the color. If we didn’t put so much dark malts into this batch, maybe you would see the green tint of the massive hop additions in this beer, other than that you’ll need your own food coloring. Come to the brewery today and have have our green beer – we’ve got the rest of them beat on color and flavor.

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