Closing Early on Easter

We will be closing early on Easter tomorrow, so get your growlers filled in advance to go with dinner. We open at noon, as usual, but then will close at 6 pm. Also as usual, Sunday is discount growler fill day, so get a growler filled with your favorite, fresh beer.
And with Easter showing up, so does Majesty, our bourbon barrel aged imperial stout. Look for it at the brewery on Monday.

Get Morning Bender today at Liberty Street

There’s just enough room in our small kegerator to put a very special, and limited beer on. Morning Bender is our popular Emperor Norton Imperial Stout blended with cracked espresso beans. A very noticeable roast aroma hits you on your first sniff, and the chocolaty flavor of the beer will bring you smoothly into the mellow coffee taste. This is a very small batch with only three small kegs, so don’t expect it to wait for you.
And speaking of surprise batches to come to tap, look for Liberty 7 Tongue Shocker to come back soon in the tasting room. After a few special features in the Detroit area, there have been a few customers making the pilgrimage to Plymouth for this one of a kind sour beer from Liberty Street. This was our seventh anniversary beer made in the style of a Flemish ale, but brewed with Hibiscus flowers. Aged in a red wine barrel for more than a year, the earthy tones are kicked back with a stable sourness. A very dry finish to this beer will make you want more quick. Keep following here for more news on this special release.
And just to keep things impressive, this years Majesty is finally out of the barrels, and conditioning in the tanks, so help us blow through some of our beer lines so we can bring these new beers online faster.

‘Swarm Outside again?

I know the weather is a bit on the nippy side, but when you come to the brewery you can warm up a few different ways. We have another new beer for you to try – well, another version of a beer for you to try. ‘Swarm Outside is a honey lager recipe that I am trying to perfect, so give us your opinion on which batch you prefer (assuming you were fortunate enough to get a taste of recipe number one). The first batch went really quick, but when we only make 10 gallons, that’s gonna happen. Make sure you get a taste of this new recipe and let us know what you think – ‘Swarm Outside is scheduled to be a summer release, and is intended to be a ‘sister’ recipe to the very popular Pooh Beer honey porter. ‘Swarm Outside is just a little bit lower in alcohol than Pooh Beer (7.5% as opposed to 10%), but the lighter color and finish will be the most obvious differences with this beer – perfect for the summer weather.
And if you really like it when we change up the beer list, then help us switch out to the next beer faster by getting one of our taps freed up. 8 Ball is next on the hit parade, and I personally can’t wait until it is back on tap.

A couple more new beers on tap today

So we finally brought back another customer favorite with our popular Pub House Brown, a mild brown ale. This is a little bigger than my normal recipe, coming in at 4% abv, but such a small amount of grain just won’t work in our bigger equipment. Very tasty, and a good session-able beer that still has a lot of character. The original recipe is a bit lower normally, and was the inspiration of a national homebrew competition a few years back.
Not to be so mellow coming into the new year, we also have a pilot batch of a Honey Lager named ‘Swarm Outside. This recipe has already been adjusted, so this is truly a one time batch on tap today. It is a bit higher at 7.5% abv, so you can’t drink this one like the Brown…

Another ‘Smashing’ Success Using Michigan Hops

We’ve been experimenting with some new hops that have become available to us from Top Hops Farms in Goodrich, MI. Sean has been a friend of ours for a long time and he has given us some trial hop varieties over the years, but soon we will finally be buying a fair amount of our total hop usage from them – and man, they are fresh! The most recent hop variety for your tasting pleasure is in the small batch “Cashmere Smash Beer“. I will admit to over hopping this one, but in my defense, it came out really great. If the idea of peeling a grapefruit and eating the wedges one at a time like an orange sounds good to you, then you may not be offended by the sour flavor of this locally cultivated hop. For clarification, when I say sour, I mean the hop flavor is sour, not the beer. The beer is more of session IPA so there should be no fear to at least try it.

Case sale for the end of the year

If you’ve been by the brewery in the last few weeks, you’d know we had specials on 6 packs for the holidays. Well, we are now cutting a little more off to make room for more beer. Now, through the end of the year, all 6 packs in stock will be $8 with a special case price of just $24 apiece for Punkin’ Pie Ale and Steamy Windows. And while supplies last, you can get a Punkin’ Pie tee shirt with the purchase of two cases. At just a buck a bottle, you can’t afford not to buy a few cases for the new year celebration.
We also have Emperor Norton and Pooh Beer on tap still, so come and get some as a reminder that winter is actually here. And don’t forget to renew your Mug Club membership if you are still going by the annual membership instead of lifetime.

Emperor Norton Imperial Stout is on tap!

Emperor Norton has finally made it’s way back to the taps at Liberty Street! Now if you are the type to pickup on patterns, then you know Majesty is soon to follow. The first few batches of Emperor Norton went into our bourbon barrels in the cellar to be aged for several months before release. Of course we will bottle a small amount of the Majesty again this year, so we’ve got that to look forward to, right? In the meantime, come in and get Emperor Norton on tap now at the tasting room. Growlers are available immediately, but I highly recommend having a glass while at the brewery.
Need a stocking stuffer for your favorite beer buddy? Come to the brewery and get some of our team apparel – either a shirt or a hat, and we have new hoodies and work shirts coming very soon. We even have our own chocolate bars!!! Gift cards are always a great gift, and when you buy them from us, you get a bonus card for yourself – who doesn’t like that? And quickly becoming a favorite gift of our customers is the Growler of the Month certificate. You get 12 certificates for growler refills – one for each month, and it only costs a fraction of the regular price.

Our 7th Anniversary is Today

Everyone that knows us, or has spent some quality time in the tasting rooms, knows we don’t like to ‘toot horns’. But we did just complete seven years of business providing fresh craft beer to Michigan. Over the years, we’ve made so many styles as our anniversary beer, but today we release one that we are very proud of. It all started more than a year ago with a red wine barrel and a dream – a dream to make a certain style that has not been served at LSBC before. The reason it took over a year is because the fermentation catalyst is a wild yeast and bacteria blend that takes several months to finish it’s job. The result is a very dry beer with a sour flavor that’ll make you pucker up. Some of the beautiful red color comes from Hibiscus flowers that were used to compliment the strong sour flavor. Due to the feeding process of the fermentation, I do not have an accurate alcohol calculation, but I do know for a fact that it is more than 6 percent. We only have a few gallons of this beer to serve in the tasting room, as the remainder is going to some special accounts in the area.
So, come in today and get some of this very special beer, and wish us a Happy Anniversary.

Liberty 7 Release Tomorrow

Liberty Street Brewing Company is 7 years old tomorrow, and we have a special release beer to celebrate. More than a year ago I was given a special red wine barrel and we made a special beer blend to keep the barrel company for all that time. It is finally time to release this special beer tomorrow for our SEVEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY! We started with a special batch made just for the barrel, and then blended more into it, including a batch made with Hibiscus flowers. It turned out very dry with pronounced tartness, and the Hibiscus blends into it quite well.

Barbers Garden IPA on tap tomorrow

If you’ve ever been at our Plymouth tasting rooms, you may have seen the hop bines growing next to our patio. Every year we get to use those hops in our annual release of Barbers Garden IPA. This years harvest produced some good bitterness characters that are far more pronounced than our regular IPA. Come in to get some tomorrow and see how much difference a whole lot of hops makes.