Black beer, not green beer

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and again we don’t have green beer on tap – other than referring to the freshness. As a favorite of many, we are releasing 8 Ball IPA today at the brewery – our version of the Cascadian dark ale style. Our 8 Ball IPA is as black as our stout and porter, but lacks a lot of the chocolate and coffee flavors and aromas that usually go along with the color. If we didn’t put so much dark malts into this batch, maybe you would see the green tint of the massive hop additions in this beer, other than that you’ll need your own food coloring. Come to the brewery today and have have our green beer – we’ve got the rest of them beat on color and flavor.

Pub House Brown on tap now and bottles coming back to stores

Pub House Brown went on tap yesterday at the brewery and it is as refreshing as ever. At just 4% alcohol, this is the dark beer that goes down like a light beer, but with a bit more character. Available now on tap, and next week in growlers and snarlers.
Well the first batches of beer from the new production plant have been picked up by the distributor, so that means you should see our brands finally back in stores in Michigan. We now have full production capability to support your favorite bottle store, bar or restaurant, so ask for our beer to be offered. And now with all the beer out of the tanks, they are empty and need to be refilled. With the next 6 days dedicated to brewing more, we’ll be doing it again in a few more weeks. A special thank you to those that helped us package the beer – it was a great help for sure.

Love is in the air… for more beer

Ah Valentine’s Day, whether you celebrate it or not, at least it always means more new beers will be released. We just had our Steamy Windows spotlighted in an article on Valentine’s themed beers in the Lansing State Journal, and they probably missed out on our more famous Valentine’s Day Release. That’s right, it’s time for Red Velvet, our chocolate version of Red Glare. And not to be the sole release for this special occasion, we also barreled some of the Red Glare in old Majesty barrels and even spiced things up a bit. What I’m talking about is Four Reds! Red Glare, Red Velvet (chocolate), Mean Red (cayenne pepper), and Red Oak (bourbon barrel aged). We open at 11 am on Saturday, so bring your special someone in for a flight of them all.

Majesty on tap today!

2014-03-04 16.36.27The release of Majesty 2014 is today at the tasting rooms at 3pm. We will be bottling quite a bit of it again this year, but we did barrel twice as much as last year, so it will also be distributed to be showcased on tap at better bars and restaurants near you. If you don’t recall what Majesty is, or have not yet been able to enjoy some, it is our Emperor Norton Imperial Stout aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels. At over 9.5% abv going into the barrels, the wood mellows into the beer for a smooth taste and finish, three months later.
Don’t forget, if you want something a little lighter, we still have Waves of Grain on tap, and expect to see my favorite beer, Pub House Brown, next week.

Waves of Grain on tap now

I know the snow just covered us all up, but here’s something to make you think of summer. We just released our wheat beer, Waves of Grain, at Liberty Street, so brave the snow (now slush), and come in for a pint or two.
Also, there’s a big game coming on TV in a short while, and we are expecting to close during the game. If you are needing growlers filled, you may want to take note of this schedule update. We will also be closed for Easter Sunday this year. And look for future announcements about the production brewery in Livonia – very close future.

Another new beer for the holiday week

So we just released Bourbon Barrel Aged Liberty One Porter this past weekend, and just a short time earlier we released our anniversary beer, Liberty Six. We still have plenty of the Liberty Six (aka Morning Constitutional), and also a lot of the Porter, but just in time for Christmas, we are releasing Santa Stout tomorrow when we open at 3pm. This is a normal stout recipe with added flavors from spices and other seasonal ingredients.
As a reminder, gift cards make great gifts, and we are still offering a bonus $10 gift card for any purchased gift card over $50. Also, get your growlers and snarlers in advance of Christmas day because we won’t be able to serve you – we are even closing at 8pm on Christmas Eve. Share a growler with your friends and family as you gather for the holidays. Be safe, and we hope to see you all soon.

A new barrel aged beer on tap!

While we waited to do the Majesty bourbon barrel aging of Emperor Norton Imperial Stout, we decided to try a couple more of our great beers in the barrels. Starting with the two that we already know will taste great after aging in oak for months. So using Liberty One robust porter, we aged for several months in the same Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels that we always use. It is on tap now, and only available for a short while. The other beer we used was Red Glare, which we like to call Red Oak after barrel aging. It will be ready for service after the new year.
Also on Tuesday, we will release a very special small batch of Santa Stout made with seasonal spices and ingredients.
And don’t forget to get your growlers filled for Christmas since you can’t buy alcohol that day. And we will be closing at 8pm on Christmas Eve.

Liberty 6 release today!

Liberty 6 is our anniversary beer this year.

Yes, we have been providing you with the freshest beer for 6 years now, and we hope to continue forever! As a special release in commemoration of our anniversary, we have prepared Morning Constitutional, our coffee stout. Made with locally roasted Bella Crema beans that are cold pressed to get the fresh aroma and flavor of a good cup of coffee. As the beer warms, these characteristics become more pronounced.
Also, don’t forget to consider your local brewery for Christmas gift ideas. Everyone loves fresh beer as a gift, and why not get get some for yourself while you’re at it. We still have some bonus $10 gift cards available when you buy a $50 gift card.

‘Tis the season

For a limited time, buy a $50 gift card and get a bonus $10 gift card at Liberty Street Brewing. That’s a 20% discount overall, that can be used with other discounts, like happy hour or mug club. Stacking discounts like that can really get you some inexpensive beer.
And don’t forget, growlers make a great gift too, and Brewers Garden will be available this Wednesday in growlers.
Next Monday is our 6th anniversary, and we will release Liberty 6! This is our coffee stout that has been previously marketed as Morning Constitutional. Made with freshly roasted coffee from a local roaster in Livonia, these Belle Crema beans add a very robust character to the beer. Plans to bottle it are being considered (label design), so hopefully you enjoy it as much as we stout 2

Brewers Garden release today

Barbers Garden IPA is gone, so that means we can finally bring Brewers Garden IPA to the taps! What better way to give thanks for a harvested bounty than to enjoy a delicious beer made with locally grown hops. We mean very local too, this beer is made with hops from our friends at Pittsfield Hop Farm, Sons of Liberty Homebrew Club members, the Courtright family and several other customers. What a great way to start the holidays right!
We will be closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving, so be sure to get your growlers filled today (except Brewers Garden).