Top o’ the morning to ye’

Another new beer being released today on St. Patrick’s Day – of course it has to be a stout. Morning Constitutional is our version of a coffee stout, made with chocolate and black malt, this beer already has a nice roast character. Adding the coffee posed no real challenge, but using it properly took experimentation. We ended up doing a cold press with (very) fresh roasted beans from Joe’s Home Java in Livonia. If you happen to be out and about today getting your Irish on, stop in and try this beer before it is gone – it is a small batch and won’t be around long. We open at 3pm today.

Tart Cherry Porter is back at Liberty Street

It’s been a long time coming, and we’ve had to answer a lot of requests, but Tart Cherry Porter is finally back on tap at Liberty Street Brewing Company. When we make this beer, there is a stir around the brewery for several months, and plenty of sleep is lost.

It all starts innocent enough with a terrific Robust Porter recipe using a normal ale yeast fermentation – then we introduce a bacteria that infects the beer with specific wild yeast cultures to further ferment and sour the beer. I know what you’re thinking, but it already tastes better than you’d expect – but then we make it even better by blending in just a slight amount of Michigan tart cherries to take the edge off the sour character.
This beer won us our first gold medal in competition, and later won another award on it’s own, plus two additional awards for the base porter recipe. However biased I may be, there are plenty of others that agree, so come and get some if you love sour beers, and at least try it if you don’t.

Majesty available in bottles now

2014-03-04 16.36.27
Majesty is now available in bottles at the brewery. Supplies will not last very long because there is no limit per person for these rare bottles of delicious goodness. For those not familiar, Majesty is our popular Emperor Norton Imperial Stout aged for more than three months in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels. The draft version went extremely fast in the tasting room, and I expect these bottles to disappear fast.

Unseasonably delicious – Punkin’ Pie Ale is back on tap!

That’s right, we brought back Punkin’ Pie Ale for an encore because I love it so much. PPA has been our most requested beer since it’s release more than 5 years ago – and this is the first ‘late season release’. As we anticipate spring, let’s enjoy this lightly spiced ale and look to the promise of better weather.
Also, tomorrow we will have the bottled version of Majesty available in the tasting room. More on that tomorrow.

8 Ball IPA on tap now

The bottom of a table leg in the tasting room at Liberty Street Brewing.

The bottom of a table leg in the tasting room at Liberty Street Brewing.

8 Ball IPA has been on tap for several days – sorry for the late notice, but we’ve been busy with the Winter Beer Festival this past weekend in Grand Rapids. This ‘Black IPA’ (or Cascadian Dark Ale) has a very nice spicy, citrus like hop flavor with a lack of the roast character you would expect when looking at it. It looks like a stout, but drinks like an IPA.

Majesty on tap this week and other ‘lovely’ news…

2014-02-10 13.57.44
After much questioning for the bourbon barrel aged version of Emperor Norton, I am so happy to say it will be on tap this Wednesday the 12th when we open. This batch was brewed before the one that is currently on tap because it had spent more than three months in those barrels until we felt it was ready to be fully appreciated. This barrel aged version will be bottled and labeled under the brand name Majesty.
Also coming to tap this week will be the release of a couple other well anticipated offerings. Friday we celebrate Valentine’s Day with our usual release of Red Velvet and our first mead produced right here at the brewery. First the beer, Red Velvet was an idea from our first Valentine’s Day when I blended chocolate with our Red Glare Amber Ale – it was a huge hit, and we make it every year now.
The mead, named “Exquisite”, was made from locally harvested honey more than two years ago and then blended with Madagascar vanilla beans and sweetened with raspberry blossom honey.

It has a very high alcohol level but you won’t be able to tell until you try to order more and can’t pronounce it. I plan to name all of our meads with names that are fun to say when sober, but hard to say when you’ve had too many.

Emperor Norton Imperial Stout is on tap

2014-01-22 16.03.12
We have released our Imperial Stout earlier this week, and it is getting great reviews. is a very robust stout made with six different malts including two kinds of chocolate malt. This huge malt bill lends to a higher alcohol beer with lots of different characters. A second batch of Emperor Norton was brewed and placed in bourbon barrels for additional aging and will be released soon under the name Majesty.

Very special beer debut and toast tonight.

2013-12-15 21.18.37
Be here today when we open at 3pm to enjoy a very special beer. We will be debuting Matt’s Dream Rye’D with a simultaneous release at Stone Brewing Company’s Liberty Station brewpub in San Diego. This beer recipe was designed by our dear friend Matthew Courtright while working for Stone Brewing Company as a Brewer. He started his professional brewing career here at Liberty Street Brewing, and went on to California to work at Stone. This beer is his first professional recipe brewed and tapped at Liberty Station.
“Before he brewed beer, Matthew received his Master of Architecture from Savannah College of Art and Design. He also had a huge heart for serving others and sharing the message of Christ. In May 2013, along with a group of his closest friends and SCAD alum, Matthew teamed up with GoDesign to help build a school in Ethiopia. He was excited to combine his experience in architecture with his desire to help others all while sharing the Gospel. Being a part of this mission trip to Ethiopia truly was part of God’s plan for him, and the rest is still unfolding.” — Matthew’s family
After a tragic accident that took his life, we wanted to keep his legacy going with continued donations to his charity. Liberty Street Brewing Company will donate all proceeds from this batch of beer, and we would love to have as many people at the brewery this evening at 8pm to join us for a simultaneous toast with Stone Brewing Liberty Station(5pm PST).

We’re 5 years old now!

fiverI know, I’m a few days late on this announcement, but technology prevented me from posting last week. If you follow us on Facebook or come to the tasting rooms often, then you already knew all of this.
We began our celebration with the tapping of this years anniversary ale Pooh Beer. This is a honey porter that weighs in at just under 10%, and is sweet enough to cover any alcohol character – but not syrupy sweet, so it finishes smooth. It is a fan favorite at the winter beer festival, and we will be saving a keg for that, so you’ll want to get in to try it soon. Anybody that bought a pint of Pooh Beer got a raffle ticket good for all kinds of merchandise including a Growler of the Month subscription. Between the raffle prizes, I was able to speak on our five year journey, and even let some secret future projects out of the bag.
As everyone knows, we don’t have a lot of food options here, but we had a local BBQ food truck come in and park at the loading dock to sell food to our customers. It went over so well that we are hoping to make it a regular thing – either monthly, weekly or daily.

Berry Vanilla Stout is on tap!

But first some exciting news – why get suckered into cyber Monday when you can enjoy “Brick and Mortar Monday”. Starting today, and throughout the month of December we have empty growlers on sale for $2 off, so you can fill one for a friend or family member and bring Liberty with you when you visit for the holidays.
Come to the brewery for other gift ideas like gift cards, hats, hoodies and much more. We have items between $1 and $100, so there is plenty to choose from. Even our new ‘snarler’ bottle will fit in most stockings.
As mentioned in the title, Berry Vanilla Stout is now on tap in the tasting rooms, and available for growler fills. This is our Starkweather Stout with a hint of blueberries and vanilla that round off the robust flavor just enough to enjoy in this colder weather. Other specialty batches will be released throughout December as we celebrate the completion of our fifth year in business making fresh craft beer in Michigan. Please stay tuned for more information on that, and like us on Facebook for more details about all of our events.