Oktoberfest release this week!

Our annual batch of Oktoberfest will be released tomorrow in the tasting room, and it is another great batch. We brew our Oktoberfest beer in the spring like it is supposed to be, and lager it in the cold tank for the entire summer to mellow and smooth out during conditioning. The result is a caramel tasting, light hopped beer that hides the higher alcohol level well. This is a small batch that will not be available in growlers or snarlers at all, so if you want to try it, you’ll need to come in and get it here.
Also, be sure to reserve your spot at our annual Oktoberfest banquet at The Inn At St. John’s on next Wednesday the 25th. I have already posted the menu on my facebook page so you can see what to expect in advance, it will be an amazing event with great beer and food, and hopefully a lot of company.
Oktoberfest flyer 2013

Punkin’ Pie Ale is now available at the brewery.

Come in now for the best spiced ale of the season – that’s right, I said it! You were all thinking it, so I went ahead and said it for you. OK, if you don’t agree, you are allowed your opinion, but if you haven’t even formed your opinion yet, than what are you waiting for? Get in to Liberty Street for Punkin’ Pie Ale now!

Punkin’ Pie Ale almost here?

Actually, it is already here! Look for it in bars and restaurants near you, and demand it if they don’t already have it. The official release here at the brewery is this Wednesday afternoon when we open. And if you come to the brewery and ask for it, you can get some before Wednesday – but don’t tell everyone!
This weekend you can get Liberty Street beer at a couple special events; go to Westborn Market in Berkley for a “Meet Michigan” tent sampling event in the parking lot, and then we are again at the DIY festival in Ferndale. At Westborn, we will be pouring samples of the four bottled brands for the purpose of selling them right there in the tent alongside other great Michigan items. And Punkin’ Pie Ale will be on tap at the DIY Festival.
Check out this new interactive map with all of the locations that have purchased our beer according to our sales reports.

Oktoberfest is coming

Be sure to get your tickets early for this Oktoberfest Banquet. Once again, 5ive Restaurant at The Inn at St. John’s will prepare a five course German themed Oktoberfest banquet. Executive Chef, Jason Stoops, has designed exciting recipes to be paired with each of the five beers that accompany each course of the meal. Join us as we discuss each of the beers and course preparations.
Also, we ran out of Cherry Cider, but have temporarily replaced it with Raspberry Cider – so if you were one of the several that asks for a different cider, here you go.
Waiting for Punkin’ Pie Ale? The wait is almost over! We are currently putting the final touches on that beer, and it is expected to be ready very soon (maybe sooner than you’d think). Keep following us here, or for more frequent updates, follow our Facebook page.

Two ‘new’ beers on tap now

So one of the two new beers is really our regular Starkweather Stout recipe, only we decided to nitrogenate it instead of carbonating it. This is a process, made famous by a popular Irish stout, that can be used for almost any style of beer. We used our stout which is a bit more robust than that lighter one, and it does not disappoint. The equipment and condition of the beer make this a spectacle when poured, as the bubbles appear to cascade downward in the glass. The flavor changes in this beer are obvious from the first sip – the lack of carbonation makes it very smooth with almost a richness of texture. The chocolate notes that are evident in the normally conditioned Starkweather Stout are magnified considerably and you’ll want another one for desert right after your first one.

Liberty Street Amber Waves

Liberty Street Amber Waves

Another new beer on tap is Amber Waves which is an American Hefeweizen style wheat beer using a specific German yeast strain that leaves behind specific characteristics indicative of the style. Banana and clove are evident from this lighter wheat beer that can be enjoyed by anybody. This will be on tap throughout the state soon as we expect to distribute some for others to enjoy. Please ask for it at better bars and restaurants that you go to.
Bottling has gone well, and we are gearing up for more production in bottles. Also coming soon is Punkin’ Pie Ale scheduled for release in the tasting room on September 11th (or maybe a week earlier if you know to ask). We literally cannot make enough of this beer for our distributor or tasting room customers, but once again we’ll try.

Introducing the Snarler

In an attempt to satisfy everyone, we are introducing a new product available at the brewery only. Known by other names, the ‘Snarler’ is half of a growler capacity (half a growl is a snarl…), and made of amber colored recyclable PET plastic. This package offers many advantages to the glass growler; less volume makes it a better volume for personal consumption, it can go places that glass isn’t allowed, longer storage period dues to filling process. Now available in five brands prefilled at the brewery, with more brands to come. Though refillable, we will not be refilling from the taps due to excessive foaming – rather, we sanitize the Snarler and fill with sanitary filling equipment. This allows you to stock up your fridge with multiple brands of our beer at one time, that have a shelf life much longer than a normal growler fill from the tap.

Back on the bottle yet?

If you regularly peruse the aisles at the better beer stores, you may have noticed that Red Glare and Steamy Windows are back in bottles! Not to be left out, The American IPA and Starkweather Stout will also soon be bottled and joining the others on the shelves. If you go to your store (bars and restaurants too) and don’t see our beer, ask for it so they can order from our distributor.
We have been very busy since starting our bottling production, and trying to keep up with the seasonal offerings is a little tricky. Regardless, we have been able to get a lot of rotating beers ready to enjoy, starting with the release last week of C Monster and tomorrows release of a new beer named Liberty Bell Gin Pale Ale. Yup, it’s a Belgian beer made with juniper berries in the finish to provide a fruity and floral note. This is a lower alcohol beer for a Belgian style, but we think it is a very easy drinker considering the current heat wave.
In addition to the standard 12 ounce long neck bottling we’ve been doing, we have also been filling “Snarlers” for to-go sales from the brewery. Though many would consider the normal 64 ounce glass growler to be a single serving, some may think it is too much. Enter the ‘Snarler’, a 32 ounce PET amber “brown” bottle used for home consumption of Liberty Street beer. Of course, because it is PET plastic, you may also bring it to; park, beach, disc golf, cycling (road or trail), regular golf with sticks, baseball games, whirlyball, beach volleyball, etc. They even fit into the water bottle cage on a bicycle (coincidentally?)

Kilt Tilter release this week and more

Kilt Tilter is our strong Scotch style ale made with just a hint of smoked malt to simulate the character of the grains used in Scotland that were dried and smoked with peet moss. Not being a big fan of smoked beers myself, I formulated this recipe to show very low smoke characteristics. Rather, this is a very malt forward beer with low hop bitterness, and a higher alcohol content might be noticeable.
Then join us on Friday the 21st of June at Whole Foods in Ann Arbor (Cranbrook) for a Liberty Street Tap Takeover! That’s right, Liberty Street will be commandeering the taps at Whole Foods again, and this time, they have more taps with their new expansion allowing us to bring 8 beers this time. The beer list will be posted at a later date on our Facebook page, so join now to be in the loop of our ‘going on’.

Resinator Dopplebock released today

Finally our Resinator Dopplebock will be released today at the brewery. After lagering this beer for several weeks, it is finally ready for the masses.

This beer is made from a normal recipe but has an added layer to it with toasted hemp seeds being introduced in the mash. The toasted hemp seeds are an inspiration from our friends at Sherwood Brewing, and they add a very nice nutty character to this otherwise smooth finisher.
And for those that go “up north” for the holidays, see Liberty Street at The Beer and Brats Festival at Crystal Mountain Resort this Saturday.

Where to find the most refreshing beer…

If the fact that Summer jumped right in without giving spring a chance is too hot for you to handle, get a refreshing Clementine Lemon Thyme today. We’ve had CLT on tap in the tasting room for a couple of weeks now, and it is finally available in better beer bars/restaurants. If you can’t make it to the brewery, then get out to the following places to enjoy Liberty Street beer:
Slow’s BBQ – Detroit
NOTO’s Restaurant – Cascade
Logan’s Alley – Grand Rapids
Whole Foods – Ann Arbor
Pints & Quarts – Muskegon
CK Digg’s – Rochester
Ashley’s – Westland
Zin Wine Bar – Plymouth
Blackthorn Pub – Holly
Basement Burger Bar – Farmington
Clubhouse BFD – Rochester Hills
We appreciate that these establishments have welcomed craft beer into the selections, and especially Liberty Street beer. Please support these places, and tell them you are there because you heard they serve Liberty Street beer.